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Our Christmas Bakery

The time leading up to Christmas is enchanting - it smells of fresh waffles, cinnamon and gingerbread. With these festive scents and feelings in the air, everyone feels good, even though the temperatures outside are uncomfortably cold.

This year, our project leader came up with a fabulous idea: teachers, parents, and students should come together for some friendly competition to celebrate the magic of delicious baking!

Fifteen participants presented different recipes. Then, in our test kitchen, the kids got to knead the dough, cut out cookies, and stare at the oven window every two seconds, bragging about their creations.

One of our participants even came with her dear little grandma to bake the most delicious bread together. It was a beautiful picture - baking for everyone, young and old!

In the end, we didn't need a jury, everything tasted so incredibly good, because it was baked with love!


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