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Future of Money: The Digital Revolution

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In an era characterized by technological progress and global connectivity, the concept of money is undergoing a fundamental transformation. The digitalization of money has not only revolutionized the way economic transactions are carried out, but it also holds the potential to fundamentally reshape our economic and social structures. From cryptocurrencies to central bank digital currencies and groundbreaking blockchain technology, the way we think about, store and use money is facing unprecedented challenges and a multitude of opportunities.

It is of particular interest to appreciate the historical dimension of this transformation. Money has always played a central role in human history, and the way it has been developed, used and regulated has changed significantly over the centuries. From the first coins in antiquity to the introduction of banknotes and the rise of electronic money in the 20th century, there is a rich history that forms the basis for understanding current developments.

We are particularly pleased to announce the upcoming conference entitled “Future of Money: The Digital Revolution”. This interdisciplinary event will bring together renowned scientists to jointly explore the challenges and opportunities associated with the digitalization of money.We are particularly honored to announce that our keynote speaker comes from Harvard University. Heminent guest speakers will create an inspiring framework and open up new horizons. At the same time, we would like to offer outstanding young scientists the opportunity to take part in this important scientific discourse in order to learn from leading experts, present their own research projects and gain valuable experience.

The future of money may be marked by uncertainty, but it also offers fertile ground for innovation and progress. This conference will not only be a forum for the exchange of ideas, but also lay the foundation for future research and encourage young talent to address the challenges and opportunities of the digitalization of money. We warmly invite you to take part in this exciting scientific discourse.

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