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Irrland 2019

Student Contribution:

You know when you laugh so much that you cry? You know when you are so excited, you can't calm yourself down?

That is called - I think - being happy!

The day was off to a perfect start: The meteorologist promised us the best temperatures of the year: 29 degrees and clear skies. What could be more beautiful?

We started the day early, at 08.00 o'clock! We wanted to have as much of the day as possible.

The destination of our excursion was the "Irrland", an adventure oasis for children. The bus ride lasted exactly 90 minutes. The double decker bus made the long ride bearable. Our counselors even sang a song during the ride. All 87 kids sang along loudly!

When we arrived, we got off the bus very quickly, because we didn't want to waste any time.

We were allowed to be free children for ten hours, on 300,000 m². An incredible adventure that some claimed on the return trip to be the most beautiful day of the year, can now be affirmed by me:

"It was the most beautiful day of the year!"

Thank you for everything!


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