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Abena Baffour-Roth

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Abena Baffour-Roth works as a freelance vocal coach. In March 2020 she started offering individual singing lessons on behalf of the BFA. The singing lessons are for anyone from beginner to advanced learner. 

Content of the courses is as follows: breathing exercises, voice analysis, performance, working out song requests, vocal training, microphone training, rhythmic exercises, etc.

I work with students to generate collective

In the sessions we will be able to shed light on your current situation through a systemic analysis . Where do we start? Where do we want to go? Only as a team do we manage to pursue realistic goals. We try to work together  on your technique, breathing and intonation, but also on your expression, creativity and performance.We can interpret your favorite songs in your own way, which is what motivates and gives the most pleasure.

The focus will also be on a healthy singing technique and good body feeling when singing. Having control over breathing and hitting clean vowels is what makes our sessions a success.

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