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child and youth work

The Education and Leisure Academy actively supports socio-pedagogical work in the field of education as well as the development of children and young people in the Düsseldorf area. We work in close cooperation with the school administration office, and the office of  Düsseldorf School Structure to ensure the highest quality of care and employment for our children and young people.
The BFA's learning and leisure activities all take place within the school. 
Our work is supported by employees of the BFA and by lecturers from the partner universities. The aim of our work is to offer pupils a strong academic and social foundation that contributes to a permanent improvement in school performance.

Our locations:

Anne Frank Secondary School in Düsseldorf
Ackerstrasse 174
40233 Dusseldorf

Goethe Gymnasium Düsseldorf
Lindemannstrasse 57
40237 Dusseldorf

Municipal Benzenberg Secondary School in Düsseldorf
Siegburger Strasse 38
40591 Dusseldorf

Municipal Comprehensive School in Stettiner Strasse
Szczecin Street 98
40595 Dusseldorf

Toni Turek Secondary School
Klapheckstrasse 31
40474 Dusseldorf

Wim Wenders High School
Schmiedestrasse 17
40227 Dusseldorf

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