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Die BFA is consolidating its location in Düsseldorf. In addition to numerous projects, detailed discussions were held with sports clubs in 2019 in order to transfer the sports pedagogy of the BFA to youth sports.

Individual consultations have already taken place. Now the BFA would like to enter into a long-term cooperation with the Düsseldorf Police Sports Association. It has more than 1200 members in a total of sixteen departments. There are excellent opportunities for promotion here. Both parties are very confident that the cooperation will bear fruit in the long term and will strengthen the youth sector in particular.

Futsal tournament in Dusseldorf

In cooperation with the SV Düsseldorf police, eight football teams from North Rhine-Westphalia were able to compete against each other in a futsal tournament in Düsseldorf. More than 120 participants attended this exciting event. Thanks to the active support of the parents, all-day catering was provided. 

Exclusive Individual Training

The BFA attaches great importance to promoting young talent and, as part of its sponsorship, finances high-performing youth soccer players with exclusive individual training sessions with qualified soccer coaches.

The training program covers the areas of speed of action, the ability to perceive, the  isolated technique training  and the speed of acceleration.

Beach Volleyball Achievement Project

On the occasion of the beach volleyball tournament on Düsseldorf's Burgplatz from 17.05 - 19.05  professional beach volleyball training was offered for beach-hungry athletes. Nobody had to worry about the weather, everything was perfect here. When the weather is bad, Düsseldorf offers good indoor options.

The trainers knew where to start and got off to a good start with the theoretical explanations. The participants then realized how quickly progress is made. Both sides have had a very successful project. 

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