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Become part of the talent development program

Find talent, promote talent.

Become part of the talent promotion program

Training with the best footballers from Düsseldorf takes you another step forward. Completely new standards are set here. 


We help to coordinate time-consuming and stressful sporting requirements with school-based vocational training.

The aim of individual sporting support is to achieve optimal football performance development. The intensive training manages to prepare you for top sporting performance in even more detail.

What awaits you?

  • Individual, learning-intensive training in small, high-performance groups

  • Intensive training of your coordinative skills

  • Dexterity and mobility with and on the ball

  • Individual tactical training for a better understanding of the game

  • Our trainers visit your games regularly to get the best possible picture of your performance. The knowledge gained will be implemented in your individual training program. 


Individual training_logo_Oberschenkel.jpg

Conditions of Participation

These are the conditions of participation

Employees at work


football club

You are registered as a full member of a football club in Düsseldorf and play aktiv football.



Du b is an enrolled student at a secondary school in Düsseldorf.



You are not yet of legal age at the time of the selection process.

How we work

Our 4-level talent development program for top footballers

Consultation / sighting

After three free screening training sessions and consultations with our coaches and football trainers, you have the opportunity to be included in the talent promotion program.

Football promotion

1x monthly intensive football promotion of the individual talent.

1x monthly fitness and coordination training. 

Support through events and workshops as well as personal contacts on your footballing path.

school support

1x monthly intensive learning support for the targeted elimination of school deficits.

The focus is on the promotion  of further school qualifications by scientific staff at our partner universities.


A contract will cover all the necessary andlegal 

general conditions 


Christian Nowka

DFB elite youth license

School and sporting requirements in focus

"Our support program is specifically designed to optimally coordinate school and sporting requirements. We always keep an eye on our sporting and school performance and react with strategic and systematic processes that achieve long-term success."


Your contact persons

Woman poses for the camera

dr Ursula van Vos

As a coach and consultant, I know about the sensitive issues that arise in school, academic and sporting contexts. In my team, we are pursuing new paths that have clear goals in mind.

man with Beard

Timo Stach MA

"We accompany, observe and guide."

In addition to promoting athletic talent, we always keep an eye on academic performance.  If the two are in harmony, the recipients can take so much with them for life.


Ferhat Uygun MSc

I pursue a goal that needs to be realized in a goal-oriented and pragmatic manner. Finding talent and retaining them at our academy is an affair of the heart.

We observe, accompany, guide and shape the talents of our city.

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