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Query: the next school year 2021/22

Dear parents, dear legal guardians,
the currently limited school and childcare operations represent an extraordinary burden, not least for you as a family, and a major challenge for the compatibility of family and work.

Every day that our foster children could visit the BFA was a good day. Every day in the familiar environment brings the children back a bit of normality. The experiences we gained last year with everyday childcare during Corona times have shown us how important contact with our children is.

In addition to imparting knowledge, the main focus of school and childcare is exchange with peers and social interaction. The personal contact between our employees and the children in our care has a lasting effect on the learning motivation and learning success and cannot be replaced by anything in the long run. The leisure activities, excursions and projects enable the children - in addition to everyday school life - to enjoy creative self-realization.

We therefore hope that we can return to a normality soon. 


Registrations for the new 5th grades have picked up speed. Places are limited.


For further planning of the next school year, we therefore need prompt feedback as to whether you would like to register your child with us for the next school year. 

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that if you refuse a childcare place, you will no longer be entitled to your child's childcare place at a later date.

So please use the form below.

Best regards,
your BFA
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