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Waffle-Day for Düsseldorf

  The BFA planned something fun and exciting in July 2022:

A Waffle Day for Düsseldorf

In addition to invited guests in Flingern, we wanted to reach people across the district and inspire them to get together.

Our hard-working volunteers distributed hundreds of flyers. True to the saying:

"Come together for a good cause", we have been able to attract many volunteers and enthusiasts.

On 25.07.2022 we started early with the preparations and waited for the rush. The surprise then reached us at 13.00 - when the waffle irons were running at full speed and the guests only had to follow their noses.

It was great to see the sparkling eyes of the children, teachers, parents and professionals who were just about to fill their lunch break with a snack.

Inspiration that only fresh waffles can achieve.

Our hard-working volunteers also put a lot of effort into the preparation. Remember, the eyes eat first. Even the neighbors helped out when things got stressful.

The true winners of the whole event with more than 270 guests were the children and young people of Düsseldorf. 100% of the proceeds went to the youth work of the BFA.


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