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Prof. Dr. Dr. phil. Claudia Neuman

philosophy, economics, economics




Mentor-mentee interactions as a model for success:

The BFA has always seen itself  not only as an employer. With a clear training and research profile, employees are systematically encouraged and supported by experienced mentors.The mentor-mentee interactions create a personal and open atmosphere and enable the new employees to familiarize themselves more quickly and better with the academy environment. 

Understanding mentoring as an instrument of a functioning personnel development creates the first cornerstone of successful work.

Scholarship and mentorship

The mentoring measures can last up to three years  within the funding period of the scholarship . Find all sessionsface to face instead of. In addition to taking part in specialist colloquia, to which external specialists are also invited, the mentees must take part in workshops in order to get an overview of possible career prospects (contacts, salaries, concrete entry and promotion opportunities).

Lecture series: 

Im Rahmen des BFA-Mentorings halten Kooperationspartner aus der freien Wirtschaft regelmäßig Vorträge. Die Vorträge werden in Abstimmung mit met the mentees in order to get a picture of the desired professional field. In the series of lectures, assistance is given in the development of career goals and in the implementation of career-finding strategies.


"... take time for your protégé and take a closer look, that's essential in the accompaniment."

Our mentors see themselves as advisors, coaches, critics and role models.

In addition to passing on specialist knowledge, our mentors try the "BFA Mento" as an instrument of systematic personnel development.

Competencies are targeted in Personnel management, team development, the acquisition of third-party funds or management for executives as well as various soft skills.


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