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  • Where does the child-care take place?
    The BFA child-care is supervised on the premises of the Goethe-Gymnasium.
  • When does the child-care take place?
    The care at the Goethe-Gymnasium takes place from Monday to Thursday from 1.20 p.m. to 3.50 p.m. There is no care on Friday.
  • Does the BFA at the Goethe-Gymnasium offer lunch?
    Yes! In the care there is a lunch offer that can be booked via our homepage after successful registration. The lunch offer takes place after the morning lessons.
  • How is the homework supervised?
    As a built in part of our program, children in our care do their homework promptly after eating lunch. BFA employees provide targeted assistance and check that homework is correct. If homework is not entirely completed, you will receive a notification.
  • What is the leisure time like?
    Employees and sports educators offer guided leisure activities after homework. The children in our care can take part in various sports, games and creative activities.
  • Do excursions also take place?
    Yes! The BFA offers numerous extracurricular excursions. Depending on the time of year, the children in care can choose from a variety of excursion options (e.g. Phantasialand, Movie-Park, Irrland, Cosmo Sports, Superfly, climbing park, etc.).
  • What are the conditions of participation in BFA child-care?
    Participation in BFA child-care is voluntary and is based on registration. For educational reasons, regular visits to the BFA are highly recommended. Therefore, child-care on individual days is not possible. (Some exceptions can be made in cases of a medically justified appointments, participation in sports clubs, language courses or similar commitments)
  • Can I pick up my child earlier?
    Yes! The pick-up times and early release can be entered or applied for on the BFA homepage. Alternatively, you can also use other media communication channels.
  • What are the contract terms?
    Registration is binding for one school year. The period of the school year is independent of the timing of the holidays from 01.08. until 31.07. The childcare contract ends without notice at the end of the current school year (07/31).
  • Is there childcare during school holidays?
    Yes! We offer holiday options for all children under BFA's care. You will receive early information regarding the scope of the offer.
  • When can I register my child for BFA care?
    After successfully registering at the Goethe-Gymnasium, you can register your child for childcare via our homepage. Due to the current regulations, no personal registration days are planned.
  • Are the childcare places limited?
    The childcare places are very limited. Therefore, please use our registration form if you know that your child absolutely needs a daycare place. We cannot guarantee you a childcare place if you register late.
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